Monday, August 10, 2015

6 tips on deciding what course to take in College

It took me so long before I posted related article to my last blog post but the important is I'm back! so maybe you're in high school right now and still can't decide what course to take or you're in College right now but still stuck and undecided or not sure if that course you take is really for you?

1. Know your talent and skills

    When we are still kids during family gathering our Auntie or Uncles often wanted us to sing or dance after that we were given coins for our piggy banks or even when we're starting to grow up our parents might see what is our favorite things to do either into memorizing declamation speech, listening to music, imitating dancers on the T.V, loves to color and draw, writing short stories or poems, excel on Math compared to other students, into cooking or baking or even love to manipulate things or good at putting things together and for ourselves if I ask you? what is you hobbies? or what is your favorite thing to do during your past time? then stick to that Ideas and innovated more from it explore more from it I know in  high school in that age we're too young to decide what will be our profession till we reach 60 years old but we need to decide for ourselves and be aware for our decision that we've made

2. Exposure yourself to other things

    Try not to stick into your daily routines start doing things that you didn't tried before something that you're shy of. Maybe you might join clubs or org. on your choice and not just joining because you're friends are into that org. but inside you're not into it, Be independent to expose yourself to other people alone in this way you can develop more personalities or things before that's in you but you don't know exist because you're always on the zone that you're comfortable start building your own foundation in college or in life you should know how to be independent because no one else will benefit from it but you

3. Write it on Journal 

    It's good that when you're in the stage of deciding what path to take in College it's good to write down your likes and dislikes anything even the simplest thing that you can think of and  your imagination and visualization 5 years from or even 10 years from now write it down (draw if you want) and bring it with you everywhere you go there's allot of pocket notebooks available in the market  

4. Test available from you Guidance councilor

    When We're about to graduate from high school there are allot of test that we took from our guidance councilor just to know where are we good at to logic, mathematical skill, oral communication and other things like it. There are test available online just give a try but don't really depend on the result that it gave it's just your guide whether you agree or not some may not be accurate but at least that test will give you ideas

5. Support from your friends and family

    Above all you might also seek advice from your family and friends and again it's up to you if you accept their ideas or not the advises that you have keep that as part of you choices and write it on your journal, Listen to them and reflect if in that course you're able to relate your talent and skills

6. Background Check 

    If you already have the ideas what course to take make a background check if what universities are  offering that course, when is their entrance exam or how much will be the tuition and of course the adjustments that you have to do if you choose that university. Explore from that university their passing rate so for the scholarship programs

well it's up to you if you accept my ideas on deciding what course to take in College but I hope I did, I'm open for suggestions just comment below.

Till next time, BYE!


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