Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 things that an incoming college freshman should know


1.  always take down notes
when in high school the "Teacher" always remind us about the schedule of the exam, project, assignments, deadlines and everything but when in college reminding is not frequent as in high school so you must take down the deadlines or any important schedules so that you won't missed any single thing

2. Prepare your phone for Voice recording
in college some the professor rarely write something on the board (except for math related subjects) when they do either you can't understand the hand writing or the sequence of the writing is not organize. Commonly professor only dictate the information once and fast so while writing you should have a back up voice recorder where you could place it to the nearest chair from your prof

3. Be flexible and friendly
Not all freshies like you've met live in the city where the college school stood mostly they came from other cities, provinces, municipalitys or other places in short, they may not be familiar with the new city they live in but they move from on place to other just for college they left their families and friends from their native land just study in a respectable college school and university so you must understand them and lead them or either tour them to the city if you're happen to live longer that them in the city 

4. Get involve in organizations or clubs
College is not only getting a degree but for knowing good quality of friends there are a lot of org. you could find in your campus don't be afraid to sign-up even if you're alone and you don't know even one member from the group learn to be independent and don't be shy in this way joining organization it's an opportunity for you to meet new  people with different bachelor's degree you can learn from this people a lot from the school issues (lol), past event, school policy  and everything you need to know, it's an opportunity for you because you're expose to the people you didn't know but have the same hobby or likes as you and in this way you're preparing your self to adjust to the environment of people when you enter the real world which is after college plus this people maybe can help you on your subjects just let them know

5. You should know what course you're taking up!
this is the most common problem as a incoming freshman still not so sure on the course they took maybe that's what you mom said to take up for college or your dad said in this course you'll  become rich after finding a job well after all you're the one who will study those lectures make assignments,projects and take exam it's not them imagine working the rest of your life on something that's not your interest for instance you're into art, drawing,colors and sketches but you took a course related to business industry you're not loving what you're doing but it's not too late you still have 1st sem to think about it and in 2nd sem it's your choice to shift or to still. Read a lot of articles about your course so you have a perception why are you studying for 4 to 5 years in college.

 CHEERS! welcome to the college life


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