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It's been a while since I posted entry here in my blog and for a back to blogging series I had my fieldtrip last September 20-24 2016 where we went to Manila, Subic, Baguio and Bulacan
as a Customs Administration student being able to join the fieldtrip is a privelege for me to expose to thing related on my course

first we went to the Bureau of Customs where we are informed about the trend about our course especially about the Customs Modernization Tariff Act (CMTA) where as a customs broker in the future the lodgement of good before was exclusively customs broker can only do now we studied the course for 4 years but someone that did not passed the board exam can also do what we do the though was like that
we also to Manila Ocean park it's such an amazing experience first there is nothing like this place that I've know that exist in Davao City where there is very big aquariums where I could really see that living creature in the sea could really move around because it was put on a spacious space

we also went to Quezon memorial Circle where it's really good place for filming,jogging,photo shoots etc.. If I only live in Quezon city this place would be my place to go when I'm bored and just wanting to lurk around
I also seen where the former president Manuel Quezon was buried in his big mausoleum

of course visiting Manila would not be complete if we did not go into the famous Rizal park where Rizal was executed and also where the GOMBURZA was beheaded
sadly, we did not have the chance to tour the place because our time was fixed and planned that's why its time to go

happy kid here

Finally after 18 years of existence I have landed into another island of the Philippines aside from Mindanao

National Museum was also at our list while on tour in this place we only have few minutes to tour the place because we have so much place to visit and seminars to attend that's why I did not enjoy much of my stay, I need one day to tour the area and read the description on each article in what we have done we just passed by on the beautiful and magical things because our tour guide is strict with the planned time

I have found out that the entrace fee is free when visiting the national museum If I'm given a chance to live near this place I would definitely visit this place when I'm bored and want to relax (lol like a summer destination)

next destination is Subic where we visited the Subic International Container Termimal and while in Subic I have known that their Pure gold there is duty free means there is no tax included once the product was unloaded from the ship but the product must only stay and sale within the boundary of Subic since I don't have mush photo in Subic let's proceed to Baguio City!

This is the view outside our room in Baguio City we stayed at Pine Breeze

and the most awaited part here in my Baguio Adventure Visiting Philippine Military Academy
when I was at the time choosing what course to take in college my father really insisted that I would go for PMA but nahh.. I'm still undecided that time even till now (oopss)

The view was like on movies that I've seen if I have given a chance to live outside Davao city I would love to live in Baguio, it was not a very busy city for what I have observe at the same time there is a lot of tourist destination that a must visit

mines view park

I would never leave Baguio without trying their best straberry taho yahoo!! and visiting the strawberry farm

I did not expect that this day will come that I could go into this city and have a picture of me taken with strawberry farm in the background I thank my parents and solicitors for sponsoring me yay!!

View in the Mines view park

well Baguio City is a wonderful place to chill it has a cold whether and I came from a city which is the temperature is warm I really enjoy the moment I don't wind the coldness for when I'll come back from this place I know I'll miss the temperature of the place I enjoy waking up and breathing with a steam effect, I was like on the movies (lol)

after It is time to say good bye and hello to Bulacan from manila to subic we have travelled likely for 4 hours and from Subic to Baguio around 6 hours from 8 pm to 2 am

In Subic we enjoyed staying in 8 waves hotel where we really enjoy the heat under the sun, also it was my first time to experience a slide that the length will make you go roll and roll before it will throw you in the pool

Here is a picture on one of the pool, I do love the animals in the backgound it reminds me of narnia (yes and I see Aslan from here hehe)

Subic was our last destination after that we proceed to Mall of Asia where we shop will we drop we arrive at MOA around 4 pm and after we already go to the Airport and by 4 am we check in and by 6 am we already arrived at Davao City

Staying in NAIA was fun where while waiting wanting to sit on chair but it's already occupied so me and my classmates ending up staying in the cold floor while waiting to check in our luggage by 4 am
I love the airport it was like a mall (lol I'm sorry it was my first time in NAIA)
I thought airport was just for passengers and with just chairs around but there's a store where you could buy stuffs everything you need for travelling
As a first time traveller and able to ride a plane is an amazing experience not everyday in my life I can ride a plane and can afford the price, bringing light is a must for I carry my own bag and I should assure that what I bring, I can able to carry it up stairs, down stairs without anyone to do it for me.

In the 6 days without my parents by my side for me it's little bit odd when the time I was in manila and my ulcer attacked me like it's killing me I can't walk straight properly and just curl u on my bed for the rest of the night I remembered my parents if only my parents was there to take care of me It's awkward for me to wake my classmate and tell them about the pain I was experiencing in the middle of the night so in this journey I realized the role of parents and missing it when you're away home

In this journey is not about just having fun it's also a way to bond with my fellow customs students because we all have the same goal someday to graduate and passed the board exam and to be a successful customs broker

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