Wednesday, May 13, 2015

She is kaye turned 17

photo from PRC fb page

It's been a long time since my last post here in she is kaye though I'm more active on my this is davao blog ( last April 5 i turned to 17 I'm no longer into sweet 16.

 Oh but the thing is on the day of my birthday I accept the challenge to be part of the red cross Disaster Response Team on my birthday it's the orientation day so we have lunch with my family after I proceed to the red cross chapter

 but it's not my first time to attend this orientation why? so here it goes last November 2014 I was invited by my friend "kuya Gie" also he belong to upper class of Custom Ad. it means we have the same course mean while the red cross chapter is inviting everyone actually not everyone it has requirements then I think of what would be the good side if I join the bad, consequence, my schedule and blah blah after that I decide that I should join

 actually I have a plan before I turned to 18 I should have something to hold on and be proud of what I've done and since then really wanted to help and inspire people to I accept the deal the class will start from 6-9 pm since most of the people who join there are student so it was schedule December and class will last for 1 week as far as I can remember then I gone to the red cross chapter where they interview me about my sched and everything later that I found out that the week for my red cross training will affect my exam week my calculations go wrong lol
I thought I could carry on and make it but If I will continue I should study every after 9 pm and onwards to deal with red cross training and with my exam but I know my capabilities and I should choose only one for the mean time I yes I've attended the 1st day and I quit no I don't want to use the quit I want to but I just have to sacrifice but I will come back exactly I promise to come back I believe this is God's  will for me and he's helping me to get on what I've promise to him to help and inspire people

so after that I talked to the head that I he agreed to quit for the mean time and I will be back when it's summer then luckily they opened the course and I'm glad to meet 7 awesome people but on the 2nd to the last day one of us quit because she can't continue anymore because of her work as part of the Disaster Response Team graduated last April 12 I now again into another training the VCA or Vulnerability Capacity Assessment to which our main target is the small community from their we will do studies to know that is the hazard in the community and we'll suggest solution anyway I hope i can make another post about DRT and VCA for further explanation and Yes welcome me to the world of 17


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