Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adventure at Lantaw Bukid

Hello there! how's the day going? it's Summer once again for those who are looking for the best place to celebrate the summer season I recommend you to try Lantaw Bukid.

Lantaw bukid is located at Km 22 Los Amigos Tugbok, Davao City. I could say that it's almost at Calinan area. We went at this resort together with my Red Cross Youth for our Team Building which we maximize the place like we used the play ground and the boating area for our games and we really enjoyed it especially for only just PHP 95.00 ENTRANCE FEE you could enjoy all the facilities inclusive of regular cottage

here is the inclusive cottage

The cottage is big enough for more than 15 people perfect for securing the bags and stuffs while away from the cottage because it has doors both on front and back

This is what the Boating looks like the capacity for each boat is up to 4 person and I think they have 5 boats available anytime when staying at the resort. Don't worry it's not too deep in case you guys fell 

the boating area looks like this

If there's one thing that I enjoyed the most it is there play ground it's perfect for team building like amazing race games or finding/hunting games not only but also the employees is very accommodating they let us borrow their stuffs while we are cooking our food like literally almost all stuffs we need for cooking because our outing is not that well planned so we forget to bring cooking utensils hahaha.. but anyway this guys save our day!

credits to the owner of the photo

If you're looking for lantaw bukid rates then please refer to the photo above!

again If you are looking for a place for your barkada outing, family reunion and to celebrate summer
then go and visit lantaw bukid

RATE: 4/5

I do love the place the ground is so big that you could maximize the space for occasion but maybe the pool for me is not that clear and little bit chlorinated but aside from that is literally an awesome place!

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