Thursday, April 6, 2017

Turned 19

Hello folks! How's your day? well me I just turned 19 last April 5, I don't feel so much old but 2016 really changes my view on the meaning of leadership. Last year was so far the most significant time of my life it's like there is a big shift happened not only I turned 18 last year but I was able to handle school organization as a Vice President for a year and on the 2nd sem of the year 2016 - 2017 I was able to act as if I'm the President (acting president) 

As a school Leader I was privilege to join Leadership Camp with other school organization officers, In that moment I faced my fear of being different being able to adopt adjust with the people. being in the position mean I am responsible for my members I catered mostly stress and lack of sleep because of such things but now I thank God for letting such things happened to me .

we celebrated my birthday at "Grand Menseng Hotel" with my parents, sister, cousin and
grand mother 

 It's a buffet so I really did enjoyed my day! who does not like Unlimited Food? Come on!

It's me with my birthday cake! soon I will turn to 91 so I'll keep this candle, Maybe I could still use this 72 years from now :)

with my beautiful Grand mother, she's such an inspiration her parents and maybe 4 of her sibling died because of Japanese Occupation long time ago in Philippines and she's a SURVIVOR. her attitude is so independent that's why I really love her <3

Many people tell me that I'm a mini version of her do you agree? lol 
I don't have Photos on our dinner last time But I do Vlog about it click the video below 
or click this L I N K

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