Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Flower vase from old mayonnaise jar

Summer air breeze is now in the corner to make this February more exciting let's add some Summer look flower vase on our room by just using the materials that can be found right at our home

after whipping the mayonnaise into our bread the fun don't stop when the jar is already empty but we can also reuse this as a vase

sea shells may be actual came from the beach that we have visited or bought from the mall but mine is shells from the game called sungka it's like a bantumi game on the old phone nokia

put the shells into the jar

looked for plastic flower around your house I know there must be or if you don't have a plastic flower maybe you go out from your house straight to you neighboor's house and beg some plastic flower or if you want you can also have real flower but for me the maintenance is a must if it's real

place the flower with art in the jar and TADA! you have now a Summer lovi'n flower vase inspired.

Well love of month is still here but if you're like me instead of waiting for somebody to give me flowers I've already made myself one LOL and I'm enjoying looking at this flower everyday till the last flower withered (obviously this will not happened) but I believe there is no forever HAHA. #bitter

thanks for reading till next time BYE!
once again Happy love month!



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