Monday, December 29, 2014


 It's December once again another year filled with happiness, excitement, laughter, tried things for the first time, met new friends and my college days has started! When we are having our exams it made me think why am I belonged to the College of Business but any way it's a long journey ahead and we all know that words should be put into action maybe some of you now have their own New years resolution list into a paper or what and I hope let's think positive till year 2014 ends and things will happen according to what should happened Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everyone!

PS: will now be my personal blog is now my blog that posts are mostly promotional about the Davao City and stuff so that It's more organized in this matter so thankyou :)

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  1. Look at all the food photos in the middle of the night... Me so hungry right now :(


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