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JavaJive Bajada Davao City (music cafe)

Nowadays coffee shops, Tea house, Resto Bars and other places that anyone can relax or have fun with friends are in trend this year where student like me can stay and spend their time studying or just hangout with friends but at the same time also love to relax with the touch of the Davao music scene
happily I've discovered one of the music cafe here in Davao City the JavaJive

What is it? JavaJive Inc. is the mind behind JavaJive (Coffee-Tea-Soda-Music). Last November 30 2014 good folks from JavaJive Inc. organized a bloggers night in which they shared with us what can javajive has to offer with the Davaowenyos and now that they already have their newest branch JavaJive Strings (Bajada) . With it's mother branch located at 1.18 Centron Bldg., Quirino Avenue, Davao City  and has an exclusive parking area for its  guests and boasts of its soon-to-be-completed first-ever electronichydraulic parking in Davao City. 

The place: The at-home experience makes everyone feels comfortable with Filipino-theme music cafe where on can drink local coffee, tea and soda blends and the unique interior design of music-themed wall design: Guitar strings where it was connected from the stage way up above into the ceiling. With It's strong WIFI connection, Free Gadget charging outlets, and a warm-lighting set-up that complete the at-home ambiance

The music cafe: One thing the I really adore about this cafe is that they really wanted to Uplift OPM (Original Filipino Music) and FilSCAP (Filipino Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers) thru 
live stage performances from best Davao music talents during Wednesday, Friday and Weekends.
While we are having our food this awesome guys also performed they didn't disappoint us from representing the Davao music scene thru them.

The Echoistic Band
The Negative 4

The food: well we all know that this is the most awaiting part of this article the revealing of the food in that night so here it goes we start from

a.) Savory dishes:

Tuna Salad on Ciabatta - a hefty mix of tuna in brine, organic mayonnaise, mixed herbs and chopped shallots, sliced cucumber and green lettuce served on a white Ciabatta bread. Taste of the fresh organic picked ingredients and the savor of the Tuna spread covered up my tongue beautifully creamy with a bite of Ciabatta bread

Tuna Salad on Ciabatta 

• Chicken Pesto on Focaccia- a mix of shredded chicken white meat, onions and a home-made pesto sauce (fresh basil, mixed nuts and almonds, olive oil and herbs), sliced cucumber, and green lettuce served on a herbed focaccia bread. The taste is also so refreshing and wanting me to get another one of it and maybe looked simple but it's flavorful.

Chicken Pesto on Focaccia

 Henri's Bowl- named after a Frenchman who shared this authentic french recipe to JavaJive, "Seafood Marinara" a pasta dish made with penne and bolognese sauce (whole tomato, herbs and seafood-beef stock), topped with freshly sauteed sliced seafoods (malasugue, shrimps, octopus and/or clams). Have you already tasted something so good? "That's good" that was our comment as we bit into lusciously creamy bolognese sauce with this natural taste of pasta this really taste fresh, healthy and refreshing this is something you have to taste if you happened to visit JavaJive.

b.) Dessert Station:

The Belgian Chocolate Mousse- a classic 75% dark chocolate mousse topped with a hand-crafted chocolate tuile. This choloate mouse was topped by a musical logo that embodies the over all OPM and Acapella Jazz theme of JavaJive. On the other hand the texture was filled by creamy and thick sensation actually I've also used this Chocolate mousse as spread on Banana Crunch how lovely isn't?

The Belgian Chocolate Mousse

• Les Opera Moist Cake- a signature chocolate cake (base of The JavaJive's Choco Lava Ala Mode) topped with an italian chocolate ganache and pinned with edible gold. A little bit of silky texture that would somehow melt in your mouth yet it's not so sweet! it has this smooth sensation when you tasted this moist cake.

Les Opera Moist Cake
Banana Crunch- a JavaJive best seller cupcake made with ripened bananas and white cake base, topped with crunchy biscuit bits. The goodness of banana in a cup this delighting some what cupcake
is for me good to be paired with Chocolate mousse! and definitely perfect for Milk tea.

c.) Beverages

Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Salt & Cheese- JavaJive Bajada's Newest Best-seller: a Jazz-blend of authentic Taiwan black tea hand-shaken with Salted Caramel Sauce, topped with a salt & cheese concoction mixture. This is quite salty and after a first sipped some what I can't take another try well maybe they just poured a bit big amount of salt well maybe next time it would come up to be a good sip of it and I believe this is really good only if it was decentralize.

Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Salt & Cheese

• Milk tea- after we have tasted the 
Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Salt & Cheese they serve immediately a milk tea which is a relief who can resist this creamy milk tea that coated my tongue after a while?
milk tea
The Chocolate Chip Peppermint Twist- JavaJive's Christmas Holiday Drink: a Jazz-blend of our signature Chocolate Chip Serenade and Peppermint Syrup. A whole cool and fresh way to enjoy Christmas! Well maybe you should definitely try this before December will say goodbye the toppings says Have a Merry Merry Christmas! the sweetness was just right quite milky offering with a little watery consistency.

The Chocolate Chip Peppermint Twist
The price: as for the present time (this is not the complete lists of prices maybe have some time to visit their branches for more accurate list of prices)

Milk tea: overview

mouth watering

Aj Fernandez with the Davao Bloggers
(c) davaocityguy
The javajive folks was so accommodating I could see that they are approachable and I would like to give thanks to the manager who accommodate us and made us feel at home and by giving us his trust and welcoming us as now being part of the JavaJive family thank you for reading till next time food blog post.

JavaJive Strings (Bajada)
located at Stall A1 Wheels N’More, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada Davao City

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