Thursday, October 30, 2014


      Last October 24 it was a successful event for those who joined the “Twitter party” mainly the event was organized by rappler and with the collaboration of Department of tourism. Bloggers, into the media sides, people that has been to Davao and from Davao and twitter enthusiast is the participants for the Twitter party the said #SHAREDAVAO is also part of #SHAREPH in which way to promote the hidden beauty of  the Philippines in topics such as through
  • Accommodations
  • Food Adventure
  • Nightlife
  • Culture/Religion
  • Academe
  • Business
the event lasted for 2 hours from 3-4 pm but it does not stop there at the Twitter because rappler will choose the best one and will use them in their website to be part of the virtual map of the Philippines with it’s location, share yours by clicking here

promotional video of Davao City

       All we know that almost all of us in our house owns a facebook, twitter or instagram accounts and sometimes we posted our photos using the hashstag that we just created but how about if let’s unite and post our selfies with the beautiful sunset as the background and use the hashtag #SHAREDAVAO (if that photo is taken from Davao) and #SHAREPH to unite all text post, videos and picture and then when clicking that hashstag people who’s planning to visit the Philippines will have a overview on where to wander on the Philippines together let’s help each other to attract 8.2 million foreign visitors and 51.7 million domestic tourists in 2015 as what Aquino’s Administration is targeting (info from here)

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