Sunday, October 19, 2014

MIX N' MAGIC at Gaisano mall Davao

           Last October 16 the Mix N' Magic invited us to attend their Branch opening at Gaisano Mall Davao well this is not there first branch in Davao but it's their Dine-in branch where you could stay when you order according to the information that I've known the Mix N' Magic originated from General Santos City and they have been doing this kind of Industry for 18 years after they branch out here in Davao City 4 years ago 

    when I got there they are about to open the tasting part for the public so pardon me if i didn't have a good pictures on the event because I actually took the pictures when people started to dashed and grabbed this sweet awesome desserts as many as they can hold( I should have took a photo of them instead) well this
just means that Davaoenos also welcomed this Shops and are also excited what something new can this shop to offer

            Did'nt I told you that the opening is not only for media or bloggers but also for the people who just happened to passed by? 

                         puppy cake this is so cute!

                     mango yogurt tart and crumble

                 mango mousse

               Then we talked about there best seller called DECADENCE as for the moment you can have it for Php 85.00

Durian mousse

I'm now planning that if ever I happened to failed on my exams I'll just go there besides it's just a walking distance from my school and I'm gonna order there best selling Decadence and just forget about what happened in the school while tasting the other part of the world in the dessert palace inside the mall seriously I'm gonna do that!

As far as I know they also catter desserts from the price of  Php 10,000 you can avail their 7 kinds of desserts but for more accurate information contact them to the information that I'll give below

Indeed this shoop has something to offer good standards that can compete to the national cake shops


    tel. no. (226-3997)
Facebook page: Mix N' Magic

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