Saturday, October 18, 2014


As a College student I reallly have to take this field trip for my Earth Science subject with 3 units not only cause I need it but it's also good to take this adventure with my batch mates plus the payment for the tour is not that pricey because we rent the boat for that day and we are 2 sections as we go over in the kaputian beach resort

                                                       Oops! pardon me

 the stunning Wishing island

         we passed just beside the island but we did not mind going into
 because that would be another expenses if we did


                After like one hour and half of touring we finally arrived!

Finally we arrived after playing few minutes of beach volleyball we now dive in this very clear sea and it is really my first time to go in this kind of beach with white sand and it's an open sea out there so beware be careful and you can't really go far unlike seas in Davao because as you step for like 10 steps from the shore with the next steps it's already deep the dark blue appearance that you see in the picture is the indication that it's already deep and be careful with it especially that I'm touring with my fellow student and we're not really good at swimming so we are really mindful  and we didn't bother to go beyond and I do really enjoy collecting sea shells from there also.

And there was a preserve Dugong at it has it's own mini museum

                           The rates on the kaputian neach resort as for the moment

      It's really an amazing experience when you're at the sea while seeing the city   hover my layers of clouds and will made you really think to explore more good places on Mindanao and enjoy the big waves as you went back home in Davao for sure you will missed the white sand in Samal. Great place to visit without going too far if you're searching for a clean, white sand beach and less people around so that you can really relax wihout getting too annoyed to the crowded people then I'm know Samal Island has something to offer beyond what you expected.

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