Friday, March 14, 2014

Colgate Fresh Jam 2014

                           " I really believe that little hobby will not just stop from there but will grow like a blooming flower" It all started when I adore concerts, acoustic live bands and mall shows of the national or local artist when suddenly Callalily an OPM artist came and visited Davao last February 2 at Sm Lanang Premiere and as a adore their music I bought their Album Flower Power served as the VIP ticket for album signing and Meet and Greet and that was so great (oh I was like crazy on the stage when I first saw them in front of me )
While signing the album I took a selfie with Aaron the bands' Base and when it's Keane turned to signed the CD he told me to like the facebook page of Colgate philippines for a chance to be with them and write up a song well that's what I did when I got home and too excited to read the Colgates' mechanic one of them is to answer the question "What is the most important in our generation" as far as I could remember my answer was all about Information through music and that how the story goes till February 12 came in to my life when unregistered number called me and I was thinking who is this calling but when I picked it up believe me I panic,screamed and laughed when she told me she's from Colgate Philippines announcing that I'm one of the 50 winners in the entire MINDANAO yeah you heard it I mean you read it right so unbelievable right? and much more that I Knew that my sister was also picked (sounds amazing well that's how sisters' brain worked) then They invited us to be part of them on February 15 at water front hotel at 9 am BUT but we got there at 10 am because the distance of the place from the city is far plus we are not that familiar to the place but still Life goes on!

when we are already on that beautiful and classic hotel we registered our names and picked our team among the Callalily (it's either Keane or Lem) ,Chicosci (either Mong or Lem) , Gracenote (Eunice) and Abra so there were 5 Teams when I got there the teams were already making cheers for the group luckily I'm just on time few more minutes the team performed the Cheers by the way I'm proud to say I belonged to TEAM MIGGY when I'm on the room it was like the conference/meeting room of the hotel the setting was so cool where there are a lot of camera everywhere waiting for you to smile.

We have a lot of fun on the games that was prepared by the Colgate Philippines when we are all set the most important part of the event already came 
miggy my mentor holding the sign "MAKE SOME NOISE!"
Eunice of Gracenote

Then I have the best conversation in my life with this artist where in they shared the techniques on writing song and the reason on how they come up with the Lyrics of their songs hopefully I could post some of our convo here

After that we had our free lunch at this beautiful hotel that is near the shore 

And the food was so good and I Admit that it's my first time to eat in this 5 star class hotel here in Davao
(well I wonder how does it cost? hmmm) 

Meeting people with the same hobbies and passion as yours is one of the greatest feeling that I could imagine while eating we talked about our favorite artist, music our life and everything we felt like we knew each other for a long time like there is no boundary between maybe just what I've said we have similar likes in life

after Lunch we started to find our place together with our mentor Sir Miggy of chicosci where we are going to write our song he told us in his band all of the members has it's own notebook where in they are going to write what they feel and they will just mix all the most best words and combined them all that's how their lyrics worked so as what we did all of member of the Team Miggy first decided a theme which is dream and we wrote what we feel about our dreams the most String part of what he told us when he said not minding what people think of your music at least your happy on it well I really appreciate things that he told to us that strike young song writers heart and I salute him for that hoping to meet him again soon and have coffee with him together with the team Miggy then when it all done we came back into the room and waited until our turned to perform

and this is the product of our collaboration for one hour

I do really appreciate also the words of Sir Lem the drummer of the callalily to use the 5 senses on writing a song and on lunch break the Colgate jammers enjoyed his humor as he played guitar and make a lyrics on that moment teasing on a joke manner the other artist he's kind the shy type guy when you're with him or maybe he's just so down to earth and very humble

Mong of Chicosci the band member of my mentor and the mentor of my sister

with my mentor vocalist of chicosci Miggy

with one of the talented rapper on my generation ABRA 

with the vocalist of the Callalily behind those sweet voice sir Keane

and ms. Eunice of Gracenote

You know life is full of choices you can always benefit in your hobby well like what other things on the world should have is CONTROL just be in the right place and time if your hobby can benefit to you or conflict on you future

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