Monday, March 10, 2014

Colgate Fresh Jam Concert with the Callalily

             last March 7 2014 Colgate Fresh Jam has reach it's Final Destination on it's mission in Davao after organizing an event in which song writers on the Philippines can contribute their own lyrics to the unfinished song on the 5 OPM artists

As an Colgate Jam Participant I able to go to the Sponsored Concert of Colgate Philippines on Matina Town Square or also known as MTS as VIP where in if you're not a participant you're required to buy 3 (three) 145 ml of their colgate for Php 91.00 each to be part of  the VIP and 1 (one) 145 ml for General Admission

                      The said Concert was really fun there are games in which the host will ask few questions to the Audience then they have to text their answer on the number that Flashed into the screen and the best thing is if you're the winner you'll get gift packs from Colgate plus a Meet and Greet pass! I'm one of those lucky winner but then I give the Pass because the thing that I already meet and greet the Callalily on their Mall Show I know that my friend is really really a great fan of the Callalily that's why I gave it away but the experience is pretty awesome where when you're a winner you should go on the stage and get the price in front of the crowd.


While waiting for the Callalily there were 3 bands who performed but I'm kinda late so I've only reached the 2nd band which is the Anne Mendoza


I've already know her before she step on that stage and I already seen her performance on one of the Resto bar here in Davao and her voice makes you feel like your floating into the air with her pop rock with the combination of acoustic approach

            One of my favorite composition of them is the "Atras Abante" (check her sound cloud account) which can really lead you to Last Song Sysndrome

And the last band that performed is the Day Break Davao

Their vocalist Jeamar made the people scream because of his Screemo voice with the blend of sweet and charm he doesn't only sang his favorite artist song which is Bamboo but also sang "Pusong bato" and making fun of the song but what the girl Audience attract the most is their handsome guitarist Meloi which catches the attention of everyone and all of the cameras is now flashing to him.

But the most awaited band of the night already came the CALLALILY

They told the Audience that because of their fans they are still in the Industry and
they are asking to support them by voting to them on MYX
they first sang the "Pasasalamat"

Keane on Vocals

Aaron on base

Tatsi on guitars
I also do Adore Tatsi while his on stage because while playing guitars he closes his eyes and just feel the music well that Cool!

Lem on Drums
If you could only see how Lem Rocks the MTS by his moves and beating the drum so good that can make you really appreciate how hard drums is but it's just too easy for him when you looked at

This might be the best shot that I've took on the event I really believe Keane has his dedication for his work and in every song that he ever sing on his performance I know that it's really from his heart and he really felt the music as one in himself  

The moment where Keane and Aaron interact with their fans

Keane also sang the song where the lyrics is from the chosen winners
Entitled "You and me" Check out the new songs of the 4 artist here.

This video was taken during the major concert of Callalily at Matina Town Square Davao City last March 7 2014

"I did really enjoyed the Concert and I really appreciate the colgate Philippines by giving the colgate fresh jammers the opportunity to be a VIP and big thanks because they appreciate how important music is here in our generation"

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