Monday, January 2, 2017

TGIF FRIDAY'S at abreeza ayala mall

Last December 27 2016,  we're looking for a perfect place where my family could celebrate after christmas dinner together with my mom, dad, my siter and I. we have our dinner at TGIF Friday's.
If I'm not mistaken there is only one branch of TGIF here in Davao City and it could only be find at Abreeza.

Friday's is a classic restaurant where if you're looking for a service with a class and foods that was also served internationaly then this resto is a must try. if you're interested to eat here read this blog post and be guided on some of their menu and prices of TGIF Friday's

finding a perfect food for us is tough considering our budget and the serving size

Friday's mozarella (PHP 325)

Finaly, we ordered this friday's mozarella, the serving size consist of 5 pieces. to think of the price I could have ordered heavy viand on other resto. with bigger service size, yes it taste good considering people who prepared behind this food and mozarella is a special kind of cheese

chicken finger (PHP 375)

 comparing to the Chicken fingers on other resto. that consist of more than 5 bigger pieces and much lesser in price, but this once also have a french fries.
this one is might be good for people who's in a tight budget at the same time tasting the signatured chicken of this timely famous restaurant

beef faita (795)
This is my favorite because this beef comes with a as I remembered 5 soft taco waffers and with ingredients needed for making your own taco that (cabbage things) plus the taste must also be tried if you're looking for a food that cannot only satisfy your taste but your tummy 

and we can't leave without ordering our drinks, we ordered this chocolate milkshake for PHP 180, we also ordered Carrot shake for PHP 175. which is typically the price range of coffeehouses 

In addition, one cup of rice cost PHP 85 (already one meal on MCDO)

TGIF FRIDAY'S is good place for salary earners. I could say that it's not a perfect place for hanging out with college friends with tight budget thinking about there's a  lot more things to spend the money in school than for dinner, but maybe allocating budget for this might be yes,

but I could thinks this might be the place for colleagues who's already on the peak of their careers and catching up with their old best friend back on the day's there are still young (lols)

all in all this is a place that is worth it to be tried again.

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