Thursday, April 3, 2014

Alleycat Tea House

Summer is now official here in Philippines we can now feel the brightly and hot welcome of the sun in this tropical country we can enjoy the summer by refreshing not only into swimming but if you're an avid fan of Tea mainly milk tea but looking for affordable shop well I think you can try at Alleycat Tea House located at Door#07 The Site, Davao Central Convenience Store, Inc., E. Jacinto Ext. Street Cor. V Mapa Street, 8000 Davao City


A photo of the counter area of the shop (I love how they put tea cups on it that looks a like in the logo of the shop) in their is the banana oatmeal cookies (Php 35.00) and Chocochip cat Cookies and Red velvet Cookie (Php 10.00) and a jar that I think is candies? (hearing the names of the cookies is already a mouth watering isn't)

right way when we entered the shop I ordered for the first time my Milk tea with the flavor of Royal bought this for Php 80.00 it was served in a mason jar that adds the good appeal of it (it was said that they are using the mason jar as the drinking jar because it is environment friendly)

MILK TEA:The good thing about in this cute shop is that when you ordered Tea they give you additional one free cookie!And for the most awaited part of the day is tasting this Royal Milk tea for the first time and believe me when I took my first sip it gave me a feeling of comfort and happiness the tea really taste so good that you can really say that I really paid just enough for the food that can really made you come back again in this shop it taste so creamy that you can really taste what's on it and not just the ice on it.

Banana Oatmeal: the day won't end without tasting their Banana Oatmeal cookie in the pack contains 4 cookies for Php 35.00 the cookies are quite big and for the awaited part for my first bite I can taste the crunch of the oatmeal after it was well bitten it has a twist on it I can say it because for it is not that sweet but it's creamy and every bite really needs another bite really perfect for their Milk tea's

Place: the place has it's 2nd floor where in you can choose books on their shelves but if you're not on the mood to read you can also keep in touch with your friends with it's WIFI if still not contented you can draw cute stuff with its color pencil already place on each tables 

here is the sample drawing of my friend Maylen (she's so good I can't even draw a perfect circle) 

here is their current menu so if you're in Davao right now why don't you try this one of the good place for milk tea and creamy cookies for more information visit their facebook page click here the store opens from 1:00 pm to 2:am cool isn't? place for good conversation :)

             RANK over 5 :
     I'll give the Alleycat Tea House 5 ✔(checks) for the good ambiance of the place for creative drawing on the walls and ideas and food for having much affordable price it is really a must try and good for relaxation and having conversations with a friend.

                                   have you been to tea houses like this? share your thoughts!

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