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Carmen's Garden Bistro at Quirino Davao City

            Have you imagine yourself sitting in a wooden chair while eating french cuisine with a touch of Filipino style plus a serenade from their singer accompanied by a guitar and saxophone playing the Greatest hits from all time? Oh well if not yet then Carmen's Garden Bistro is a must visit for you

Carmen's Garden Bistro 
is located a Ping low building (fronting JavaJive Quirino), Davao City

Last May 30 Davao Bloggers was invited to have a Bloggers Dinner with them. When I got there I see a romantic destination, an elegant, fine dinning and comfortable buffet restaurant 

French onion soup

When we (I'm with my fellow blogger and sister Lysafae) got to our sit they offered as this
 French onion soup as a starter the soup classically based with beef as this soup welcome me so it feels as I'm ready to take a new venture with this restaurant

  to start the colorful salad bar with 4 salad dressing to choose from Caesar, thousand island, honey and cheese (actually the dressing name is much longer than what you expected but I'll just giving you the layman's term) on it is a cucumber, tomato, slightly ripe mangoes and more...  the dressing really matched with the vegetables and honey really gets my attention at first taste it will give you a blast taste then after a while it feels like it will give you a soft sensation

beef steak
  The meal of the night is served and after those light food I will go on to this simple yet excellent beef steak presentation. The beef itself prepared to tender taste buds it's so soft that it isn't uneasy for me to slice it and the juicy effect of the gravy like sauce on it's top make it more tasty to eat and I'm eagerly anticipated to see if the beef will matches the mashed potato and a corn with green peas on sight yet they don't disappoint me the standing potato really tasted good! so yummy that I spread it to my beef plus this corn and green peas has something to taste like there is a wine on it and it really tasted so special the Dinner delivered more deliciously when the light taste wine was served and I really believed it was a perfect drink after eating beef right?
beef Kaldereta
 We are served a Filipino all time favorite food the beef Kaldereta and It's a good experience eating this original style at this fancy Restaurant like the beaf steak it's so soft that isn't hard for me to chew Kaldereta scented the air and this mouth watering food really makes the "lutong bahay" special

Italian Seafood Paella
After we also their Italian Seafood Paella it sounds delicious right? revealing it's sea food taste crabs and mussel is the main Ingredients of this paella though beef slices is also on the sight the rice taste like they use a Glutinous rice aka Malagkit rice that one that is used in biko and other filipino food delicacies it's sticky yet this made my Dinner complete because of the rice like my Dinner would not be completed without this premium taste paella

left to right in the last picture chocolate mousse, Choco fondant and cheese cake 

Although after tasting the paella my taste buds is looking for something a different taste to end my Dinner session with the bloggers, Carmen's featured their (from left to right in last picture) chocolate mousse, Choco fondant and cheese cake all in one plate! (it takes my breath away) to begin my first scoop with chocolate mousse it taste like caramel but not sweet actually it's creamy as i had my first bite I closed my eyes and imagine myself in a 5 star Restaurant the texture was so fluffy the next move I've done is tasting the choco fondant with its soft texture taste like heaven that's so pure same with the chesse cake it does not taste so sweet that your throat hurts it's simple creamy and pure I'll recommend this to the people that is scared to taste sweet chocolate desserts and I'll introduce them to this lovely not that sweet but delighting mounth watering, yummy choco and cake

One of the things that I also like in Carmen's Garden Bistro is the Environment when you're there the sight of colorful ceiling, wooden tables and chairs represents the Filipino hospitable attitude plus they also have a mini Garden at their backyard.

 Indeed Carmen's is a good place to visit without going far to try European Classic Dishes in a Filipino wacky style not only that they also offers your all time favorite Filipino home style cooking

The Resto is a must be on the list when visiting Davao City the standard can well competent with other bigger Resto though I've notice that some of the personnel needs to communicate more with the customers and just relaxed when approaching them because I can really feel the tense on them yet overall it's a beautiful place to visit hanging out with family and friends just sit back and taste the food at Carmen's Garden Bistro

                                                              Carmen's Garden Bistro
                             for exclusive buffet reservations, contact them at 0999-725-2796

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