Friday, August 16, 2013


The Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival in the city of Davao in the Philippines.
for the last two months since my class started I want to be different in ways of trying different fields like 
joining and participating events

so for the last two months I've joined kadayawan well we are representing the school i'm one of the Lyrist well i'm part of the music pool then our school hired professional drummers  which is good because in the way they are going to help us on producing good music by the way i'm one of the five lyrist you know people who played lyre.

every dismissal time after class we will go to our practice area actually our practice started last july it was like we've practice for almost one month (cool!) this week I haven't attend classes anymore because we need more extra effort then guess what we will be performing tomorrow on the streets of DAVAO while our handsome and beautiful dancers will show off their talents on dancing with their colorful props YEAH i'm so proud i'm one of those people who helped making their props

it goes like this
(participants from different schools will join the so called STREET DANCE gosh that's so hot will put sun block tomorrow hahaha XD)

our call time tomorrow at school will be at 3am well it thinks it's good
so that we can prepare for our costume and props

I'm sure for that almost 1 months I'm with with this 
cool people surely I'll missed them i've met different people
they inspired me alot I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
thank you thankyou
you may not read this but

Thank you for the jokes and for the fun
it really make my whole one months GOOD VIBES!

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